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Dit zeggen mijn klanten over mij! De referenties zijn in het Engels, omdat ik ook veel internationale opdrachten doe. Nieuwsgierig wat ik voor jouw organisatie kan betekenen? Klik hier om contact op te nemen!

“Erik Jan has inspired me and the Rabobank many times. He is an expert in new ways of communication and new media. Output and results are key in his work. His ideas are innovative, out of the box and his enthousiastic and authentic personality makes it fun doing business with him. Without a doubt, I will recommend Erik Jan. Besides that, he is a nice person.”

– Rabobank, Hans Wielaart

“Erik Jan is one of those guys who really knows what is going on in new media. He is a very inspiring person with an in depth knowledge of new technologies. Erik Jan knows how to create and execute a perfect marketing plan. It is very stimulating to work with Erik Jan and I recommend him to any company that is considering doing business with him.”

– SB Groep, Alexander ter Meulen

“Erik speaks with an incredible amount of experience both in years spent working with web technology and the variety of roles he has filled. But it is Erik’s strategic understanding of the potential of the web that most impresses. His presentation at the NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence was engaging, entertaining, informative and, most importantly, inspirational in terms of the potential of social media use for PR/Marketing. I would highly recommend Erik to anyone planning a social media/web conference.”

– United Nations Truce Supersvision Organisation, Pat O’Connor

“Erik Jan Koedijk to me is one of the most inspiring hands on thinkers in communication with new media. He understands how important it is for entrepreneurs and for (semi-)governmental organizations to use new media as a method to bind and engage clients and contacts. Thanks to his knowledge and experience with new technology and gamification, he has the skills to be very creative and inventive. Every time he surprises with his solutions for communication with new media. His approach is personal and aligned with his client and the purpose that is in aim. I worked with Erik Jan in a project in Heerlen where he was preparing a session for local retailers to inform and inspire them to use new media as a means to come in contact with their clients. What stuck me was that he was very perseverant from the ambition to get the best result for his audience and for his employer.”

– Gemeente Heerlen Directeur Programma’s, Dorthe Schipperheijn

“I had an opportunity to work with Erik on first of a kind IMTC Virtual Conference event ‘2025’. Erik was instrumental in brining unique session to the event, connecting speakers in the real world with avatars in Second Life, all broadcasted in real time via Livestream to the thousands of viewers. Erik’s ability to focus, stay on target and achive the result no matter what was instrumental in making ‘2025’ an iconic event for the communication industry.”

– Avaya (Radvision) Director of Product Management, Anatoli Levine

“When I first met Erik, he was in a sales. What struck me was his energy, commitment and ability to use all the resources available in his network to help raise new prospects and close deals. He always overperformed. When Erik moved into the channel role, he brought all those qualities with him. He has huge empathy and experience with customer and channel and can motivate and direct others to win.”

– Bob Brace, Cloud and Technology Expert

“Erik and I worked together at Nokia, building a new business with secure mobile solutions for the enterprise. Erik used a consultative approach with distributors and enterprises that was very successful. Erik’s differntiator is that he was always focused on the end user experience and how this could be improved. I have always appreciated Erik’s energy and focus on the customer. Erik is now a highly effective management consultant, supporting top management on how the organisation has to change to really act customer centric. He specializes in mobile, security, social media and gamification. Erik is visionary, strategic AND understands how to execute, customers first and partner strategy. His skills are well suited to be an effective regional manager/country manager.

– Neopost, Susan Macke (CMO, CSO)

“Erik is having a high understanding of the business needs due to he’s previous experiences as Sales country manager. While working with my team, he demonstrated a high potential of creativity to serve our market focus and delivered tools that were clearly helping in our financial results. He developed clear vision on market trends by being always on top of the business information and the competition. While managing this high understanding of the market, he also was key contributor on channel marketing with recognition from partners. I hardly recommend Erik Jan for a company that need high vision and delivering talent.

– Fortinet Vice President International, Gerald Delplace

“It was always a pleasure to work on joint projects with Erik Jan. He’s one of the guys that just “gets” digital. A great guy.”

– CEO / “el comandante” at Dubizzle.com, Arto Joensuu

“Erik creates a tidal wide when launching a product – he has the skills to bring probably as many delegates at an event as Barack Obama does at one of his campaigns rallies. Great marketer – helped me immensely launching Nokia Intellisync in the Benelux region, whilst being mindful of the translating the events into tangible prospects.”

– Coveo, Nicky Singh

“Erik is a very creative, highly motivated, results oriented professional. He consistantly found innovative ways to build and grow the business. Trying to build a business, new or old ? Erik is the guy.”

– Eastlink Vice President of Marketing, Dan Mcdonald

“Erik Jan is a great pleasure to work with. He knows what he’s talking about and can really execute towards his business drivers. He is a huge asset for every company, with his specific strenghts within the field of Marketing and Sales.”

– Ruckus Wireless Regional Sales Director, Spencer Hinzen

Erik Jan and I worked closely together in the introduction of new services of SurfControl on InterNetworking Event (largest IT-event in NL). Normally an exhibitor isn’t willing to work together with the organiser to attract visitors. He had great ideas about bringing visitors to the show. Never seen this before. It worked. The number of visitors increased with 18%

– Keukenhof Manager Sales & Marketing, Wim van Meerveld