Social Media Masterclass Curacao 2018

Social Media Masterclass Curacao March 2018


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Don’t miss out! This exclusive Social Media Masterclass hosted by Erik Jan Koedijk will give you a practical approach to planning and strategy. If you are interested please fill out the form below and reserve your seat for the early bird rate. Early bird rate tickets are only available until January 31st.





This isn’t a training in which you will learn to post a tweet, how to use Facebook or how to use Linked-In, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials explaining that. What Erik Jan will show you is practical approach to planning and strategy. About getting the results you want. The content exists of:

  • Attention for your personal learning objective!
  • There is no such thing as “social” media.
  • How to be successful at Social Media.
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Generate leads!
  • Getting in touch with customers?
  • Insight at current trends.
  • How do you measure your results?
  • Latest social media developments.
  • Inspiring social media campaigns, created by Erik Jan


Intended for: Everyone who wants to use Social Media in a professional way to communicate and collaborate. For example: Marking and Sales staff who want to sell more and entrepreneurs who want to use it to promote themselves or their company. But also employees of big companies, who want to use social media to communicate and reduce the amount of meetings are happy after this session! In case you are interested in an exclusive incompany workshop or keynote in March when Erik Jan is in the country click here and contact Erik Jan.

Masterclass language: DUTCH

Duration: one daypart

Location:  Curaçao (Willemstad, exact location will be announced)

If you are interested in the Social Media Masterclass in Aruba please click here!

After the masterclass you will also receive a signed copy of the book Reset!, which held the top position of the book charts in the Netherlands. The book will have a personal message, written by Erik Jan for you. The spirited and inspiring way in which Erik Jan will take you along in his masterclass, will not soon be forgotten. After the masterclass has ended, there will also be some time to ask specific questions that apply to your organisation. And after the masterclass you will enter a closed community and have the possibility to continue to ask questions to Erik Jan and other students.




Early Bird (valid until 31 January 2018): NAF 249,- / US$140

Regular Ticket: NAF 350,- / US$199

Incl. O.B. and incl. healthy snacks & drinks!



Thursday 8 March 2018: 01.30PM – 05.30PM

In case you are interested in an exclusive incompany workshop or inspiration session click here



Erik Jan Koedijk

Erik Jan Koedijk is coming back to Curacao and Aruba in 2018! In 2017 he introduced his bestselling book RESET! in the Netherlands and Curacao. Erik Jan got his first job in 1992, where he earned the nickname “Mr. Internet”. He was one of the youngest country managers at Nokia Enterprise Solutions. Later he became responsible for NOKIA EMEA partner marketing. He shattered one record after the other during his career at Nokia.

Before he was the general manager for Benelux at SurfControl, securing children and employees from the dangers and darker sides of the internet. Erik Jan knows how to gain the trust of people and puts organizations and people into motion. This year will be his tenth year as self-employed entrepreneur, during which he was always involved in meaningful and distinctive projects. He took on his role of management and organization advisor and keynote speaker. It’s his passion to unite people, knowledge and technique. By now, a whole lot of people are reading his book Reset!



Early bird tickets only available until 31 January 2018 only for NAF 249 / US$140 – normal ticket price: US$199

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