Cyber secure back to work – are you ready to start work again safely?


Back from Holiday tips!

Back from holiday? Use these 7 tips to stay cyber secure and to be ready to get back to work.  Share these tips with your colleagues, friends and family!

Cyber attacks

One of the biggest concerns for governments and organizations around the world is the increase of Cyber attacks. After all, they affect both large and small organisations, local companies, associations and individuals.

These cyberattacks increase significantly in the summer as cybercriminals take advantage of the holiday seaon, especially companies without adequate security systems and individuals who have not taken the time to prepare the devices they will take with them on vacation.

Cyber ​​criminals don’t go on holiday in 2021! After the holiday season I continue my Incompany webinars and masterclasses about Cybercrime awareness, let me know if you are interested.


1 – Update your operating system and apps

When you return from holiday first update all your devices and apps (also take care of all devices of your children). This way, weaknesses in an older version will be fixed and the system wil be more safe. Don’t start any other applications (such as Outlook) before you have update your device(s)! And remember … never update your phone when connected to public WIFI! Best is to never connect directly to public WIFI (see tip 2).


2 – Do you have a secure connection or 3g/4g/5g?

Unsecure connections could lead to other people viewing your activities. This happens for example in hotels, restaurant of the campsite during your holidays. Make sure that you’re connected to a secure network or use only 3g/4g/5g.


3 – Are your passwords strong and recently updated?

The day after your holiday is the ideal moment to update your passwords. Use a password manager to store them safely.

(read further below)

4 – Are you aware of phishing mails?

An overloaded email inbox could include phishing mails. Check the sender carefully, don’t open attachments and never share personal data via email. AND… first update before you check your mail! (TIP 1).


5 – Do you have an iPhone? Install iVerify!

iVerify is your personal security toolkit. Use iVerify to manage the security of your iOS device and detect modifications to your smartphone. iVerify makes it easy to manage the security of your accounts and online presence with simple instructional guides. I love this app as it checks if there are signs of compromise.


6 – Do you have a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo account?

Change your password after your holidays! Use a passphrase! A passphrase is a collection of common words combined together randomly into a phrase. Remember, an example of a passphrase is something like I like to visit the ABC-Islands each year!!.

The best passwords are ones that are 1) easy for you to remember and 2) hard for hackers to crack. Passphrases make the best passwords because they use real words that you can remember (rather than a collection of crazy symbols and letters) and they are very long, making them much harder to crack with brute force attacks or other tactics.

The only catch is that the common words in your passphrase need to be truly random in order to be a secure password. (Source AVG)


7 – Give this TIP to your HR department!

Erik Jan offers an exclusive Cybercrime Awareness Masterclass. Online (via advanced webinar tools) or live! Inspiration and activation guarenteed. Interested? Click here and request a proposal!

What you and your colleagues learn?

  • how hackers hack organizations
  • employees are the Human Firewall
  • live check if you were hacked
  • how to start safe collaboration
  • how to protect your family
  • guidance to direct protect yourself
  • much more and much fun with the live quiz!

incompany training social media en cybersecurity


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    incompany training social media en cybersecurity


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